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After upgrading to Automation Engine 12.1.0 or Automation Engine 12.1.1, non-admin users can no longer release To Do list items (Wait for Action (Checkpoint) task) that are assigned to other operators. This was possible in the previous versions: Automation Engine10.x.x and Automation Engine12.0.x.


Workflow assigns a task to the To Do list of User-X.

User-Y needs to release the To Do item, but the Release Outputs are grayed out in the To Do view. User-Y is not an admin user.

This happens for e.g. in a workflow that is launched via JDF (user = JDFP) and an operator (not JDFP) needs to release a To Do item.


This is due to functionality change in the user rights. You need hotfix HF_1204020 to re-enable non-admin users to release other user's To Do items.

  1. This hotfix requires Automation Engine12.1.1 to be installed. If you have Automation Engine12.1.0, you first need to upgrade your server(s) to Automation Engine12.1.1 and then install the hotfix.
  2. If you have an Automation Engine stand-in server, first perform "Stop Server" on the stand-in server.
  3. Then perform Stop Server on the Automation Engine master.
  4. Install HF1204020 on the Automation Engine master server.
  5. Start Server on the Automation Engine master server.
  6. Start Server on the Automation Engine stand-in server.
  7. Launch Pilot on a workstation and install the update if it prompts that a newer version is available.
  8. Log in to Pilot via an administrator user.
  9. Go to Automation Engine Pilot > Tools > Users.
  10. In both Groups and Users, you can find a new option in the Access Rights section > To Do namely, create/modify/delete.
  11. If you use Groups, then enable the new option for the groups which need this access right. Then the option will be grayed out for the users which belong to the group.
  12. If you have users which are not in a group, then enable the option in the User Access Right.
Automation Engine12.2 already contains the functionality as added by hotfix 1204020.
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Automation Engine 12.1.x

Last revised19-Feb-14
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