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I've created a structural design file with Studio Toolkit for Labels in Adobe® Illustrator® containing a conic label. When using the Conic Warp function of the Studio Toolkit for Labels, the graphics do not seem to be warped properly. The graphics are either stretched or shrunk and don't match the conic label die.


Whenever you select all artwork in a document for which the center of the selected artwork would not be exactly positioned in the center of the conic label because of the clipped artwork outside of the label area, the warped result would not be as expected.


In order to get a proper result for the conic shape, it is imperative to get the center of the selected artwork exactly on top of the center of the conic label (not the center of the rectangular bounding box of the conic label).

Example: The red object is located in the exact center of the conic label area. So, when only selecting this object, the conic warped result would be as expected.

Using the Conic Warp feature of Studio Toolkit for Labels will result in a perfect match of the warped graphics to the conic die line

But when selecting everything as shown below,

the warped result looks like the screenshot below. It doesn't match the die line properly.

This is because the center of all selected artwork is no longer matching the center of the conic label.

As you can see, the clipping mask used to clip the yellow and green objects is based on the artboard's center (or bounding box of conic label center).
A similar bad result would be obtained in case the yellow and green objects are not clipped. This is because, the center of the selection would even be more out of place compared to the center of the conic label.


To be able to correctly warp graphics in relation to the die line of the conic label,

  1. Create an empty (no fill, no stroke) object that would overlap all other graphics (so will be bigger than all other objects combined), whose center you match exactly on the center of the conic label.

    Size and ratio of the object are not important.

  2. Select all graphics in the file and perform a conic warp.

Now the result would look like this:

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Studio Toolkit for Labels 12.x

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