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Even after activating permanent ArtiosCAD licenses (local or network licenses), when you start ArtiosCAD or go to a specific menu, you get the following warning message "Option will expire", for example: "The license for option Builder will expire on: 3. december 2013"


  • A permanent license has been activated (can be local or network license) but you used to have time limited licenses before (due to financial reasons, a dongle return procedure etc...).
  • After you click OK, the warning disappears and you can continue to work in the application.


Even if you have activated a permanent license, ArtiosCAD still detects the time-limited license if it has not been deactivated. That is the reason why these warnings still pop up when working in ArtiosCAD.

  • It will not prevent you from using the program, even after the expiration date of the time-limited licenses.
  • The warning only pops up for time limited licenses, not for expired licenses.

You need to deactivate the time limited product keys.

  • In case of local licenses: go to Start > All programs > Esko > ArtiosCAD > Activate local licenses.
  • In case of network (floating licenses), go to the license server, then go to Start > All programs > Esko > System Controller > Network license manager.

Only select the time-limited product keys with the Ctrl + Shift key (they will be marked in blue) and click Deactivate to start the wizard.

After you have deactivated the time-limited product keys, restart ArtiosCAD. No further license warnings will appear because now ArtiosCAD only takes into account the permanent licenses.

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