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When adding a label in Toolkit, is there a way to control the orientation (rotation) of the resulting 2D die line?

In other words: How to make sure that the die-cut fits with production graphics?


You have to know that where ever you start to brush a label onto a 3D shape, that starting point is where the label will be 100% horizontal.

So in case you start brushing a label in Studio Toolkit, it is advised to start in the middle, brush 50% to the left, go back to the starting point and brush the remaining 50% to the right.

Additional Info

Because of the current limitation in Studio Toolkit for Labels (brushed-on labels cannot touch or overlap so the very last triangle before touching the other label end cannot be selected), it's best to find a place where the triangles are smallest so that the gap is as small as possible.

Example on how to brush to one side only:

  1. Start file.
  2. Start to brush-on a label to the right-hand side.

  3. Go around the backside.

  4. Continue until you reach the beginning again.

This will result in the following 2D die line orientation (notice that the start on the left is where the label is horizontal).

Example on how to brush to both sides equally:

  1. First brush halfway to the right.

  2. Stop in the middle on the back side, then go back to the beginning and start brushing the other half to the left-hand side.

  3. Brush on until the very last triangle in the middle of the back side which can no longer be selected/brushed (current limitation, will be improved in a future release).

Because you've brushed from starting point halfway to the right side and halfway to the left side, you'll get the following orientation of the 2D die line.

This die line will not have to be rotated in the editors to fit the artwork design.

Additional note

Labels created with the Brush-on label tool in Studio Toolkit cannot take advantage of the Conic Warp feature from Studio Toolkit for Labels in Illustrator®. In order to warp your artwork onto your label, you could however use the Predistort tool from Studio Toolkit for Shrink Sleeves in Illustrator®.

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Studio Toolkit for Labels 12.x

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