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If you have perpetual licenses and want to upgrade your Esko software to a major new version (e.g. 16 or 16.1) you need to upgrade your licenses.

To do this we provide you with upgrade key files (HTML-files). How can you activate upgrade key files?

You don't need upgrade licenses if you have a subscription

If you have a subscription to your Esko software, you can simply download and install the new version of the software.

You do not need new licenses.


Activate local licenses in the Local License Manager and network licenses in the Network License Manager using the standard activation procedure (online, through a proxy server or offline):

  • You can drag& drop the HTML file in the 'License Manager'-window
  • Or you can click 'Activate...' and browse to the location of the HTML-file when requested

Remember to:

  • Activate the upgrade key file on the computer where the older licenses are activated

  • Only use the upgrade key file once. Afterwards, you can
    • use the backup HTML-file that is saved on your computer,
    • or you can download a new HTML-file with all licenses on your computer from

Do not copy-paste the product keys as displayed in the upgrade key file

The product keys that are displayed in the upgrade key files are the ones for the older version, they are already activated on one of your computers and they will be removed after the upgrade.

We show these keys for your reference, so you know on which computer you can activate this upgrade key file.

How does an upgrade key file look like?

An upgrade key file looks like this:

The following information is provided in different languages:

  1. The list of new licenses that will be activated on your computer (only the licenses that will change are listed, others remain untouched)

  2. The list of old licenses that will be removed from your computer
  3. The name of the computer where you likely need to activate the upgrade key file - we only show this for your reference, if the computer name has changed but the old licenses are still available on the computer, the upgrade will work

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