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When you start the Automation Engine Pilot, a Logon Information dialog will appear and you have to enter the User name, Password and the Server each time. The Pilot doesn't remember the previous log on information for the next login.


The Pilot logon Information is saved in file. Make sure you have Read-Write permissions to the folder that holds file so that Pilot can write logon information, else the logon information is not remembered by Pilot. Following steps guide you to set folder permissions:

  1. Open the Finder and go to Users > username, username is the user you logged in as.
  2. Right click the Esko folder.
  3. Click Get Info and go to Sharing and Permissions.
  4. Add your Mac user in the list and set the privilege to Read & Write > Apply the Privilege to enclosed items.

    In the above example, bgsystem user was used.
  5. Now, logon to your Automation Engine Server from the Pilot.
  6. The next time you login to the Automation Engine Pilot on the Mac, the logon information from the previous attempt will be displayed.
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Applies toAutomation Engine 12.1.1 and newer
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