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In the event that FlexProofE is installed on a drive with limited capacity, it is possible to remap the Output, Temp and JobFolder locations to use a larger capacity drive.


This procedure requires stopping the Proof Server, so no proofs can be run until the process is complete. This process potentially involves moving large amounts of data from one location to another, so it is possible that the Proof Server could be offline for an extended period of time. It is suggested to check the contents of each System folder before initiating the move, to make sure that all the data that will be moved is needed.
  1. Stop the Proof Server: Right click the Proof Server icon and choose Esko Proof Server Stop. The Proof Server icon will turn red when it has stopped.
  2. Right click the Proof Server icon and choose Server File Maintenance.
  3. Enter or navigate to the new location for the Job Folder, Output Files, and Temporary Files.
  4. Click OK.
  5. The Server File Maintenance utility will move files from the original location to the new location. After completing these steps, right click the Proof Server icon and choose Esko Proof Server Start.
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FlexProofE 12.0

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