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  • When you try to open the Job Info window (select a job in the Jobs View in Automation Engine Pilot and click the blue Info button), it takes more than 30 seconds for the window to open.
  • When you try to modify a value in the Parameters tab sheet, the following error message appears: "A problem occurred while saving the job parameters. BG_EException sql.SQLException: Parameter #5 has not been set".


General slowness when trying to access the Job Info.


Automation Engine is not able to read and update entries in the BSJobs database.

  • Verify if there are many tasks running at the same time, such as "delete job" which needs access on the BSJobs database.
  • Verify via your non-Esko SQL database manager if there are other general problems with your database.
  • Make sure that your SQL database becomes responsive again. Actions to take depend on what causes the SQL database to react slowly. Rebooting the Automation Engine and SQL server may solve the problem.
  • If you have many running tasks or general slowness in your SQL Express database, consider upgrading to a full SQL Server.
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Automation Engine12.1.1

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