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Imaging on the CDI is a real time process which should not be disturbed by any other software. Each CDI is equipped at the factory with the antivirus software "Microsoft Essential". The settings are already selected so that the function of the CDI will not be impaired.

In case different antivirus software is used, the following settings must be checked and adjusted if needed.

The software "AV-Antivir" is not recommended as when using this software, it considered parts of the Grapholas software to be a virus and deleted them.

Procedure for Microsoft Essentials

  1. Download Microsoft Essential from the following location:
  2. Install the software as administrator and restart the computer.
  3. Update the database or download and install Offline update if no internet connection is available on the CDI:
  4. Deactivate Scheduled scan and change Default actions as shown in picture
  5. Add "c:\bsl" or "c:\esko", "d:\data" and "d:\files" to Excluded files and locations.

  6. Add "LEN" to Excluded files types by typing "LEN" and clicking the Add button.
  7. Add "cmot", "gravur.dma" and "gravur.job" to Excluded processes.

Procedure for different antivirus software

  • The directories "c:\bsl" or "c:\esko", "d:\data" and "d:\files"  may not be monitored.
  • LEN files may not be monitored.
  • The processes "cmot", "gravur.dma" and "gravur.job" may not be monitored.
The software "AV-Antivir" should not be used.
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