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  1. What is the HTML5 Viewer?
  2. When should I use the Java Viewer in WebCenter and when should I use the HTML5 Web Viewer?
  3. How can I use the HTML5 Viewer?


What is it?

The HTML5 Viewer is a new WebCenter Viewer, introduced in WebCenter 14, that has been created to give a faster Graphics and CAD viewing experience and to limit client browser problems with Java. On platforms supporting both the new HTML5 viewer and the Java viewer, users can choose if they want to use one or the other.


Since the new HTML5 Viewer makes use of new browser technologies, it only works on recent browser versions. Java is not required to run the HTML5 Viewer. The table below lists the minimum version of each browser that supports the HTML5 Viewer.


The HTML5 Viewer will work on most browsers, but for Internet Explorer you need a fairly recent version.


Supported version

Internet Explorer

9.0 or newer


4.0 or newer


5.0 or newer


5.0 or newer


By default, all users will continue to use the Java Viewer. To change the preferred Viewer to the new HTML5 Viewer, either the general or user specific preferences need to be modified.

General preferences

To change the default system wide Viewer Type setting:

  1. Login as an Admin user.
  2. Choose Preferences > General from the main menu.
  3. In the Viewer Preferences section, you can pick the preferred Viewer Type, either Java Viewer or Web Viewer.
  4. Click Save.

User preferences

To change the Viewer Type for your current user account:

  1. Choose My WebCenter > My Preferences from the main menu.
  2. You can change the Viewer Type to Web Viewer.
  3. Click Save.

While using the Web Viewer, it is always possible to switch to the Java Viewer by clicking the Java icon in the top right corner.


The HTML5 Viewer is currently in development. You can see an overview of current known limitations in this article:

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WebCenter 14.0 alpha

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