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PowerTrapper is available in both Automation Engine and ArtPro. This article describes how the settings (trap presets) can be shared.


  • In ArtPro:
    1. Go to Preferences.
    2. On the Servers > Automation Engine tab, you can choose to Load Trap Tickets From:
      1. the Default Trap Ticket Folder (default) or
      2. Automation Engine (only available when correct server information has been entered).

When you have selected "Automation Engine", the Trap Presets you choose from the PowerTrapper dialog are in fact the ones that are shared between ArtPro and the ArtPro Action Lists.

  • In Automation Engine, there is a PowerTrapper task, which means you can save trap settings as task tickets, but there is no way to save them as a preset.

In an ArtPro Action List, you CAN save your trap settings in a trap preset:

    1. Add the PowerTrapper action in the Action List.
    2. Adjust your settings.
    3. Open the Trap Preset drop-down.
    4. Select Saveā€¦ and enter a unique name.

Any Trap Preset that is saved this way in the ArtPro Action List, can be used by any instance of ArtPro that loads its trap presets from the related Automation Engine server.

Any Trap Presets that were saved in ArtPro can also be used in the ArtPro Action Lists, as long as these Trap Presets were saved while the Load Trap Tickets From preference was set to load from the Automation Engine.

In Automation Engine you can only use these Trap Presets by including an 'Apply ArtPro Action List' task in the workflow.

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