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When you try to access WebCenter, you get an error message stating there is no valid license available. However, you have just installed new licenses on you WebCenter Application Server, so everything should be in order. The reason for the error message is that the WebCenter JBoss service needs to be restarted after license changes.


All valid WebCenter licenses are available, but still you cannot log in to WebCenter, a similar error is displayed:

No valid license available.


WebCenter looks at its licenses when JBoss gets started. If your licenses expired and you have added a new one, without restarting the WebCenter services in between, WebCenter still looks at the old license. In order to get the WebCenter to pick up the new licenses, you need to:

  1. Restart the WebCenter JBoss service on the WebCenter Application Server.

This will ensure that the new licenses are picked up and your WebCenter will function properly again.

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