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Formerly, the Image Downloader task was used to proof LEN files. That is no longer available. What options are available to proof LEN files?


The Create Wrapper task can be used to generate a normalized PDF for proofing.

This can be done as follows:

  1. Upload all LEN files to Automation Engine Pilot.
  2. Select all LEN files and start a Create Wrapper task.
  3. Enter the Output location and the File Name.
  4. Check the Combine multiple input files checkbox if a composite file is desired. Leaving this box unchecked will result in a PDF for each LEN file.
  5. The Separations tab can be used to remap a LEN  file to a different ink if desired.
  6. Launch the task.
It is not recommended to use the Create Wrapper task in a hot folder. There is no trigger for the software to know when all desired LEN files have arrived, so it is possible that some LEN files might not be combined with the other desired files or might get mixed in with another set of LEN files.

It is not recommended to use LEN files from Nexus for proofing. DCS files are recommended from Nexus as the color information will be more accurate.

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Automation Engine 12.0

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