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PackEdge/ Plato return a "System Error 5" message at application startup.

Or, PackEdge is installed for the first time on a workstation. Launching PackEdge returns the error "System Error 5".

This can be caused due to different issues.

Possible Solutions

Solution 1

  1. Remove the configuration files namely: lwbrixusr.cfg, lwbrixacc.cfg of the application.
    The files are located in the folder:
    C:\Documents and Settings\<username> (Windows XP)
    C:\Users\<username> (replace <username> with the name of the user you are using to logon to the computer).
  2. Once PackEdge or Plato is restarted, the default configuration files will be copied back to the user's folder.
  3. Check preferences via Edit > Preferences.

Solution 2

The System Controller needs to be installed along with PackEdge.

Normally, PackEdge can be opened and pointed to the license server from within the application. But in this case, PackEdge will not open. So the license server cannot be specified.

Once the System Controller is installed, the license server can be defined using the License Client Configuration.

Solution 3

The System Controller is installed. Opening Local License Manager gives the message "Failed to initialize" and in the log file in

drive\users\user\Esko is the message:

Major error code 50030, minor error code 71521,
system error code 1.

Problem is caused by corrupted Trusted Store files.

Remove the Trusted Store files in C:\ProgramData\FLEXnet, but first ensure that the following services are stopped:

  • Eg Station Information Services
  • FLEXlm License Manager
  • FLEXlm License Service
  • FLEXlm License Service 64

Delete the files in the folder and restart previous services.

Workaround for solution 1

Logon to the PC as a different user to determine if the configuration files are corrupt. Each user will have .cfg files local for that user.

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