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The Conical Warp feature of Studio Toolkit for Labels affects some contours in an undesirable way where sharp corners are produced on previously soft or rounded contours.


Some vectors with soft or rounded corners result in sharp corners after applying Studio Toolkit for Label's Conical Warp feature.

The exact same result is achieved when using the Adobe® Illustrator® Envelope Distort feature from the Object > Envelope Distort menu.

The image above displays the sharp corner of the previously soft corner letter 't'.


Conical Warp uses the Adobe® Illustrator® Envelope Distort functionality. This issue is under review at Adobe® support.


  1. Select only the contour objects that otherwise Warp in a harsh or undesired way.
  2. From the Adobe® Illustrator® Object menu, go to Path > Add Anchor Points.
  3. Repeat step 2 once or twice and again select all the objects to be distorted and apply Conical Warp (or Envelope Distort from Illustrator®).

Comparing the new result to the previous, you should notice a more natural result as compared to same Warp done with the original object.

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