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How to add new calculated text fields to the Database dialog?

You can use the standard Database dialog or use the custom dialog. In that case, you can modify the layout, add new fields, etc.


  1. In DataCenter Admin, create a user field for the formula that you want to see displayed in the database dialog window, for e.g., SIDE: choose calculated expression SIDE; the user field ID ( in this case 9937) needs to be linked to the database dialog window.
  2. In ArtiosCAD > Defaults > Design Defaults > Database:
    1. In the Single Design Database Information Dialog Customization section, select Use custom dialog definition file.
    2. Click Customize.
    3. In the right hand column, click Database Information > Userfields > Select the desired user field (for e.g.: 9937) and drag it to the desired position in the Control Layout Manager.
    4. If desired, change the display text via the Text: button, also position and size can be modified.
    5. Save the changes in the defaults.
  3. You will see the corresponding value for SIDE now retrieved from the database information in the database dialog window.

The same principle can be applied to customize the layout and fields in the Database dialog.

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