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What information is in the time stamp for the i-cut marks SmartMark when using Use time stamp under the Bar Code tab?


The time stamp appears as:

This represents YEAR, MONTH, DAY and TIME (hour minutes milliseconds) and LOCATION on layout.

Year (2 chars) = last two digit of the year

Month (1 char) = alphanumeric* representation of the month

*Alphanumeric is the sequence of numbers one through nine followed by the letters of the alphabet.

Day of the Month (1 char) = alpha numeric representation of the day of the month

Hour  (2 chars) = 0 thru 24

Minute (2 chars) = 0 thru 59

Millisecond (3 chars) = 0 thru 999

Location (1 char) = T or B for top or bottom

Total of 12 characters.

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i-cut Layout all versions

Last revised13-Nov-15
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