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Error 3015 - No position data to TCU

Communication between TCU and MCU is failing.

Please note that troubleshooting this error requires product specific training and can only be performed by Esko Service Engineers.

This article is to solely provide information. Be aware that it is not our intention that customers troubleshoot this error themselves.

Global Checks

Checks to be done by Esko Service Engineers
  1. Check if CU boards are properly seated in Distribution Boards.
  2. Check CAN cable and connectors.
  3. Swap CU boards.
  4. Run SYSLOAD.

Machine Specific Checks

There are no machine specific checks.

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Applies to

Kongsberg XL

Kongsberg XN

Kongsberg XE

Kongsberg XP

Kongsberg C

Kongsberg XPA

Kongsberg DCM

Kongsberg  VL

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