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In some cases PackEdge doesn't use the Data Resources from the server it's connected to, but uses its local Data Resources.


Despite being connected to the Automation Engine Server, the location for the Data Resources is along the line of C:\Esko\bg_data_cms_v010 instead of \\<servername>\bg_data_cms_v010, where <servername> is defined in the Esko Automation Engine's config database.


To overcome this behavior, make sure that Windows has access to the locations of the Data Resources on the connected server.

If you want to double-check this, you can simply browse to the folder via Windows Explorer. It's possible that you'll be prompted for the login credentials of your Windows user account.

To make sure that the folder is always accessible (even after a reboot for example), you can choose to map the drive in Windows Explorer. That way it will be mounted automatically.

PackEdge \ Plato does not use the CMS Data Resources from a remote location when you do not have the "cmsconnect" license.
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