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Job fails with an error when trying to proof from Automation Engine.


When trying to proof a file, you get an error similar to the following:

"ERROR: error: Syntax error ink (Unknown group-ink combination (group '0d53358a-4c22-4a0f-a01b-c6abd30212a2' - ink 'P2587C FYBK'))".


The job seems to have a PantoneLIVE ink, but the FlexProof Dispatcher did not take a PantoneLIVE license at start-up.

  1. Quit the FlexProof Dispatcher.
  2. Open the FlexRip Configurator.
  3. Open the configuration for the Proofer.
  4. Under the Proof tab make sure that the checkbox for Use PantoneLIVE color information for FlexProof/E is checked.
  5. Click OK and quit the FlexRip Configurator.
  6. Start FlexProof Dispatcher.
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Applies to

FlexProofE 12.0 and newer

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CW Number216309