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How to switch the old dongle with a new dongle?


On the Dynamic Content Engine webserver or dataserver, you should find the software "codemeter control center".

  1. In the License tab of the software, you can see whether there is a dongle found or not. If no dongle is listed, click Webadmin.
  2. Then go to the Configuration tab > Network in the Webadmin page.
  3. In the server search list, you should see the hostname on which the old dongle is plugged in to.
  4. Now, make sure no operators are connected with Dynamic Content Engine anymore, so no work gets lost.
  5. Stop the Itarus OnlineServices on the Dynamic Content Engine webserver (Server manager > Configuration > Services).
  6. Then, go to the server where the dongle is plugged in and go to Start > Programs > Codemeter > Codemeter control center > Process menu > Stop codemeter service.
  7. Plug out the old dongle and plug in the new dongle.
  8. Now, start the codemeter service again.
  9. Check whether the new dongle number is listed now in the License tab.
  10. If ok, start the service Itarus OnlineServices on the webserver again or reboot the webserver.
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