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In case of large format print for Sign and Display where large graphics are tiled to smaller graphics, yet large enough to fill the entire sheet of media, no Print or Cut PDFs are produced from the Export Nested Layouts or Create Nested Layouts (deprecated) tasks. Fill percentage should be adequate enough to fit the graphic Tile PDF on the defined media.


Task may end with the message "No layouts found" or similar to the following:

INFO: Sheet size: 3048.0 x 1361.44
INFO: Margins: 19.812 19.812 19.812 19.812 Entered stage "Nesting"
Progress: 70%
INFO: Yield is 0 percent (minimum fill: 0.0
INFO: Fill percentage too low
WARNING: No layouts found


The behavior of 'allow 90 degree rotation' is corrected to 'not force 90 rotation' in the July 2014 release of Automation Engine as part of Suite 14.


Use the option 'Allow any angle' or 'Allow No rotation' for applicable nesting work in Automation Engine 12.1.1 and 12.2.

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Automation Engine 12.1.1

Automation Engine 12.2

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