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There are several components to FlexProofE that must be started in the correct order for the software to work.


  1. Go to the server where FlexProofE is installed.
  2. Locate the Proof Server icon in the (system tray). Right-click the icon and choose Esko Proof Server Start. The icon will change from red to gray then from gray to green.
  3. Once the Proof Server icon is green then right-click the icon and select Esko Proof Client Start. Open and logon to the Proof Client.

Note that the Proof Server must be fully started before the Proof Client will open. Although the Proof Server icon is green, the Proof Server may not be fully started despite this indication. Continue to attempt to log in to the Proof Client until successful.

  1. Start the FlexRipProof Dispatcher.
  2. Open the Automation Engine Pilot with an admin user.
  3. Go to Tools > Configure > FlexRip - Proofer Output, select the device and click Synchronize with RIP. Once successful, Type should change to FlexRipProof > Generic Proofer output. At this point, if the response is "no configurations found" then see:
  4. Open a proof ticket and verify if all configurations are available.
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