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In i-cut Automate 12.2, technical inks are no longer considered as Extra Structural Inks automatically.

Works fine in Automation Engine 14.0 build 300.


When a file gets submitted to Gang Run, the print file will contain the information of the technical cut ink. The cutfile will not contain those extra technical cut ink information.

This was working in earlier versions of Automation Engine.


This is again solved in Suite 14.0 build 300.


A workaround is to add the extra ink in the Gang Run workflow.

  1. When a file contains, for example, a CutContour with an extra ink Eyelet, you can add the ink Eyelet in the Add Extra Structural Inks field of the Export Nested Layouts ticket which is available in the Gang Run workflow:

  2. You will then see that the extra cut ink as well is available on the cut file and no longer in the print file:
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i-cut Automate 12.2

Automation Engine 14.0

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