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A user is invited as a member in several projects. How do I remove this user from all projects at once?


You can remove a user from all projects they have been invited to by following these steps:

  1. Choose Users from the main Admin menu.
  2. Click the Username of the user you want to manage, you will now see the User Profile for that User.
  3. From the tabs underneath the main menu, choose Projects User is in.
  4. Select the Projects you want to uninvite the user from, by enabling the checkbox(es) before the Project Name.
  5. Now, choose Actions > Uninvite.
  6. Confirm your operation by clicking OK in the confirmation dialog.

In some cases, there may be dependencies blocking this action, for example, when the user is part of an ongoing document approval in the given project. In such cases, the system will inform you of this blocking dependency and the user will not be removed from the project.

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