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It is possible to assign an ICC profile to a PDF as the file's output intent.


There are two ways you can tag a PDF with an ICC:

Method 1:

  1. In the Normalize PostScript/PDF/AI task, set the Document Profile to the ICC profile. To do, go to the Color Management tab and set Document Profile to Always.
  2. Get Info on the resulting Norm PDF and note that the Document Color Profile has been set to that ICC profile.
  3. When doing an Export to PDF File, enable the option Embed the document profile as PDF Output Intent.

Method 2:

Export to PDF File as normal, and then set the PDF Output Intent using a PitStop Action. There are two actions that make up this list: Select All and Change Output Intent.  Set output intent to be compliant with any PDF/X version and choose the appropriate ICC profile.

In both cases, if you Get Info in Automation Engine Pilot on the resulting exported PDF, it will not show the Output Intent of the PDF.  Preflight the file in Adobe® Acrobat® to see the embedded ICC profile.

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Automation Engine 12

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