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When starting PackEdge, the default splash-screen appears and the application seems to start fine, but the User Interface never appears.

This happens in some very rare cases and currently the cause of this problem seems hardware related (configuration of multiple monitors, etc). The UI appears to be there but for some reason it is placed outside of the user screen area.


PackEdge runs through the normal startup process, the PackEdge process is visible and running in the Task Manager, everything appears fine, except for the fact that the UI never or only partially appears.


Because deleting the preferences or reinstalling/repairing the application does not work, the user should try to maximize the application using keyboard shortcuts (as there is no UI to achieve this).

  1. Make sure that the PackEdge window is the active window, click it in the Task bar
  2. On Windows 7 or 8, press the keys WINDOWS + .
  3. For older Windows versions, you will need to press the keys ALT + SPACEBAR and then press X.

If this does not work immediately, it might be that the window was already maximized. It is hard to determine as the UI is absent.

To solve this, we will need to minimize the window first, again using keyboard shortcuts.

  1. For Windows 7 and 8, press the keys WINDOWS + and straight after that press WINDOWS + .
  2. For older Windows versions, press ALT + SPACEBAR and then N.
    Straight after that press the keys ALT + SPACEBAR and then press X.

This should make the PackEdge window appear again on screen.

Make sure the PackEdge application is the active application when performing these keyboard shortcuts.
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