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This article gives a background and a procedure on how to configure a FlexProofE ticket for simulating an HP Indigo press.


An ordinary submission of job to an Indigo involves a color strategy that simply converts all inks into a single color space (CMYK, CMYKOV, etc.) representing the Indigo itself. Modifications to the strategy might include ink mapping, dot gain compensation, and PMS/special color conversion exceptions. Spots in the job don't print as spots as they must be separated into the Indigo's available inks. In the absence of a proofing option, all jobs have to be proofed on the HP Indigo thus interrupting regular production.

With FlexProofE, jobs headed for an Indigo can be proofed off line. The process of proofing FlexProofE for Indigo is that of a double conversion of color spaces. The job is first converted with the ordinary HP color strategy then with a FlexProof strategy that uses both the original Indigo profile and the FlexProofE proofer profile.


This procedure requires two prerequisite Color Strategies:

  • Indigo to itself
  • Indigo to Proofer

See the below screenshot for the procedure:

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