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The String Extract Smart Name has three methods of extracting parts of a file name. While the second method of Use Separation Character can grab a certain string part, it is always a fixed number. By using a Regular Expression, the last part can be selected no matter how many string parts there are in the file name.


The Regular Expression Smart Name that is needed is as follows: ".*_(.*)"

The underscore represents the Separation Character. If your file uses another character as a Separation Character, simply change it in the Regular Expression.

Follow the steps given below to create a Smart Name using a Regular Expression:

  1. Create a Smart Name of the type String Extract.

  2. Choose the third method Regular Expression
  3. Add the Smart Name called File.
  4. Copy the code from above and paste that into the Regular Expression text field. If needed, change the Separation Character.
  5. Name the Smart Name and click OK.

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Automation Engine 12.2

Automation Engine 12.1

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