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WebCenter allows five open sessions for the same user. When publishing a file from Automation Engine to WebCenter six times (simultaneously) with the same WebCenter user credentials, the last action fails because of this limitation.

Update: Note that since WebCenter 14.1, an Admin can change the number of allowed sessions per User. For more information, see the WebCenter User Documentation.


Several Publish on Web or Create or Modify WebCenter Project tasks have been launched in Automation Engine at the same time, using the same WebCenter user credentials.

One or more tasks failed. The error log shows the following error message concerning open sessions: "The maximum number of open sessions for the user reached".


To resolve the issue, you may want to change the number of allowed sessions for the User that is used in your Automation Engine ticket:

  1. Edit the User in WebCenter (Admin > Users > click User Name).
  2. Enable Allow Multiple Guaranteed Sessions in the Privileges section.
  3. Increase the Maximum Open Sessions.
  4. Save the changed settings.


You can also work around this limitation by using different users in your tickets.

In this example, SmartNames have been used to alternate between two WebCenter users based on the time stamp (even and odd seconds):

  1. Create two users on your WebCenter Server, both with the same password. In this example they are: admin0 and admin1.
  2. Create a new SmartName to extract the sixth value from the System > Date > Time SmartName, as in the screenshot below.

  3. Create another SmartName. This time set the type to Conditional, where you return one user of the seconds are even, another user if the seconds are odd. See the screenshot below for the details.

  4. Use this last SmartName as a User for your publishing ticket.
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