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CAPES or TOPS has some installation issues. This article describes some of the common CAPE or TOPS errors and the ways to troubleshoot them.


If the installed folder (and subfolders for CAPE or TOPS) has only read-only permissions for the logged-in user running ArtiosCAD, then ArtiosCAD will display the following error message: "The current installed version of CAPE (or TOPS) does not support Palletization. Please install a version of CAPE (or TOPS) that supports this feature."

This is due to the fact that ArtiosCAD writes some information in the pallet application's INI file when trying to launch it and is thus causing the error.

Grant Write permissions to the CAPE and TOPS installation folders.

CAPE Resolutions:

Ensure that the cape pack folder exists under the application data folder with the cpext.ini file in it and is pointing to the correct path.

A similar error message (as permissions) could be caused if Cpsetup.ini file (located in CAPE install folder) has the following missing entry. This may happen if there were not enough permission on existing CAPE and upgrade was performed. Resolving the above permission issue in addition to the following information will fix the issue. Or, re-install the application.



TOPS Resolutions:

If a user has performed a server install, and you get the following error message or an ArtiosCAD error message:

  • Open the TOPSPRo.ini file from the installed location and make sure all paths do not contain c:\xxxxx. If you see any c:\ (or, any fixed root drive), you will have to change them to the full UNC name based on the item.
  • Make sure the server folder where TOPS is installed is also a shared folder with full permissions (say, \\server\TOPSAPPS).
  • For each client machine of ArtiosCAD, browse to the network share and install (or reinstall) from wansetup.exe (e.x.: \\server\TOPSAPPS\TOPSPRO\ folder) to fix the paths.
  • If a user is trying to use the legacy-based Outputs method to send the data to CAPE/TOPS, depending on the OS, a minor change in the path (for outputs defaults) where CAPE is installed may be required. Either a change to the path to DOS 8.3 format or addition of "(x86)" may be required to make the path correct. If the path is not in DOS 8.3, ensure the paths are properly quoted. Note that this output still exists as legacy functionality.  It should be considered obsolete.
  • Ensure that the temporary directory exists and is accessible for creating new files.
  • If ArtiosCAD displays the Palletization dialog, and upon clicking OK, you get an error within the CAPE or TOPS, ensure that the board definition has the weight and the caliper has a value larger than 0.

Extra Information:

TOPS must be installed locally in order to use the interface from ArtiosCAD (Menu Palletization > Change Pallet).

If the installed method is LAN or WAN, this warning dialog will appear:

There's no workaround.

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