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What are the possibilities and limitation with an AdvantageCAD license?

What is the difference between an AdvantageCAD license and a regular ArtiosCAD license?


With an AdvantageCAD license, you can:

  • Open existing Designs (.ARD files)
  • Open existing Layouts (.MFG files)
  • Open foreign files in common file formats (like CFF2, DDES, DXF, HPGL or any other ArtiosCAD compatible formats)
  • Edit/modify any existing Design or Layout
  • Rebuild existing parametric Designs
  • Convert single designs to manufacturing
  • Make all licensed available Outputs/Exports in ArtiosCAD

With an AdvantageCAD license, you cannot:

  • Run standards
  • Create new designs
  • Have access to DataCenter Admin

The main difference is that the Connection license module is replaced by the AdvantageCAD module.

The AdvantageCAD license cannot be upgraded to a full version of ArtiosCAD. This means that it is not possible to add additional functionality to the license key.

An AdvantageCAD license is always a local license. It is not possible to convert the AdvantageCAD license to a floating license. This would make the Designer, Builder and Layout module included with the AdvantageCAD license available for the other ArtiosCAD clients in the network and that is not the intention.

Usually, AdvantageCAD is installed on a plotter PC to do basic modifications to the existing files before sending the file to a plotter.

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