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In WebCenter, you can download your Search Results in an Excel file. If you create a Saved Search and then download your Search Results, it is possible to apply a predefined Template. You can upload the Template in the Admin > Configuration > Upload Saved Search Results Template section. However, it is required to use the exact same name for both the Saved Search and the Template and your Saved Search needs to be set to Global.

Read more about the configuration in the WebCenter Documentation.


A Saved Search Results Template has been uploaded, but the Template is not applied when Search Results are downloaded in an Excel.


Follow these steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Make sure the Template name is exactly the same as the Saved Search (for example: a Saved Search named WebCenter_Projects should have a Template named WebCenter_Projects.xls).
  2. Make sure the Saved Search is a Global Saved Search. Search Results Templates only work with Global Saved Searches.
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