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Proof ticket verification reports NOT OK on one or more measured tolerances. This is reported in either the color metric summary printed on the proof (optional) or within the log file of the Automation Engine task.  


Failed verification values points to the proofer not being able to hit a particular color or colors on the verification strip. The log file or color metric summary will show what color or color categories have failed, and by how much. The corrective action for a failed verification is to run the Check & Recalibrate function in Color Engine Pilot to refine the output to be closer to the proofer profile. This in turn should bring the verification results back in line.

Points to consider:

  • It is possible to have one-off problems with proof verification due to a hardware problem, such as clogged nozzles, that will clear up during normal proofer operation.  Look for anomalies (spots, banding, streaks) in the print.  If found, perform the troubleshooting steps necessary for your proofer (please see the proofer manufacturer's guidelines).  Reprint the proof to see if it passes.
  • Proofer output can also be dependent upon environmental conditions. Changes in temperature and humidity can affect proofer output, which can in turn cause verification failure.  In this case Check & Recalibrate can help bring the proofer back in line. If Check & Recalibrate cannot get the proofer close enough to the profile, a new proofer profile may be necessary.
  • Failures on Maximum All Patches are not necessarily a major concern. All proofers have a color gamut, which is the range of colors that the proofer can reproduce accurately.  If a color falls outside this range it is mapped back to the color gamut as closely as possible but this may still have a high dE.  It's simply a color the proofer has problems hitting.  It's a fact of the printing process and isn't necessarily a red flag pointing to a bad color workflow.  If the maximum is high, but the averages are good then the maximum may not be worthwhile.
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