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On April 15th 2014, Oracle released Java 7u55 and Java 8u5. Will this cause any issues with the WebCenter Java Applets?

Will the Java Viewer, Collada Viewer, Workflow Applet and Multiple Upload Applet still work after installing Java updates 7u55 or 8u5?


No fundamental problems have been found to date, given that the patches or updates related to Java 7u51 have been applied to WebCenter. See,

Multiple Upload Applet

The upload applet works without any remarks.

Other WebCenter Java Applets

The other applets are likely to show an extra dialog, with the message: "Allow access to the following application from this web site?". The Workflow applet displays the dialog when the applet starts, the Viewer and the 3D Viewer shows when exiting the applet.

When confronted with this warning, the user can just click the Allow button. If the user does not want to see the warning again, he \ she should check the "Do not show this again for this app and web site" check box before clicking the Allow button. This can safely be done.

Detailed Explanation

The reason that this dialog is displayed is because the affected pages contain Java applet code and JavaScript that have to interact. The Java runtime displays the dialog because JavaScript served from any place is allowed to interact with the applet. This is a requirement because WebCenter is shipped as a commercial product, so the domain from which the pages, applets and JavaScript are served are not known or fixed.

We allow this as the applets do not expose security sensitive functionality to JavaScript code. For the most secure operation using signed sandboxed applets is still advised. For more information, see:

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