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While trying to upgrade PackEdge/Plato running on a virtual machine, an error pops up saying some files can not be overwritten and the upgrade fails.


During the upgrade of PackEdge/Plato, each component will fail to overwrite previously installed components. The only way to complete an install is to wait for the particular component that's installing to fail and then navigate to it in C:/Esko.

Several of the parent folders cannot be deleted. It is necessary to go into the parent folder and delete folders. This has to be done over and over again as each component that will be upgraded.

Trying to uninstall PackEdge/Plato ahead of time still fails because of other common components that need to be uninstalled. If you try to uninstall the common components ahead of time, they cannot be removed due to permission issues.


The most recent version of Parallels Desktop, version 9.0.24229 Revision 991745, now has a Security tab.

Within that tab, a checkbox named Integration (Isolate Windows from the Mac) has been added. Checking this cuts off all interaction between the Mac and the VM except for bridging the network connection over. After choosing this option, the upgrade installer runs all the way through.

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