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Why are different usernames displayed in the Project History compared to the Document Action History after adding a file to a project?

After uploading a document and checking the Document Action History, this user is different to the one displayed in Project History, why?


In the Project's History, there is an entry for the event Uploaded new document. The User displayed here, is the user that added the document to this specific project.

The Document's Action History may display a different username for the Upload Document event, as this reflects the user that originally added the document to the system. This means that if the document was for example added by copying a file from another project or by adding one from a document library, this field will display the original uploader.

To see a Project's History: In your project click the More Actions... button and choose View history.

To see a Document's Action History: Click the Document Name and choose Action History from the sub-menu.

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