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When importing a color strategy, a message "The following objects will not be imported as they are already in the database" appears. What does this mean?


This dialog box may list custom inks, device links, curves or profiles (press or proofer). This means that those listed resources that exist in the color strategy already exists in the CMS database of the system that the strategy is being imported on, so they will not be added to the CMS data. The color strategy will use the data already existing in the CMS.

Color Engine is checking the names of each item against what exists in the CMS. So, if there is an item named exactly the same, then that will trigger this message. If it happens that the ink, curve, profile, etc., do not contain the same data on both systems, then the name of that resource will have to be changed on one of the systems in order to import that data with the strategy.

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Color Engine Pilot 12.0

Color Engine Pilot 10.0

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