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How to add a PostScript printer for the Print task in Automation Engine?


In order to see the Print ticket in Automation Engine, a PostScript printer will need to be added through the Windows Add Printer functionality.

Important info:

  • The driver for the printer must be a PostScript driver.
  • The PostScript driver needs to be installed using the Automation Engine system user (typically BGSYSTEM).
  • The PostScript driver needs to be installed via the Windows Add Printer functionality.
  • Use the Printerinfo.exe tool to check if the Postscript driver is accessible.


  1. Log on to your Automation Engine server with the BGSYSTEM user. (Or the system account user if you did specify to use another user on the Automation Engine server.)
    1. For more information on which system account user started the BGMD service, please check: or ask your IT-department for this information.
  2. Add your printer via Windows > Start > Devices and Printers > Add a printer and follow the instructions. You can also check with your IT department if you have questions on Add Printer.
  3. Check the printerinfo.exe tool to see if the Postscript driver is accessible.
    1. Locate the tool. Depending on the version, this tool is located on the Automation Engine PC here:

      • DriveLetter:\Esko\bg_prog_fastserver_vXXX\bin_ix86\printerinfo.exe (where XXX is the software version, i.e. 160 for 16.0)
    2. The tool will list the printers on the system as well as information about the printer. You can also toggle to just show the PostScript printers. The printer must appear under the PS Printers view for it to work with Automation Engine.
    If Assistant or Stand-in Automation Engine is present, the printer will need to be added to these as well.



After installing PostScript Printers on Windows 2008 Server, the Printer will show up in the Print task, but the task will fail when launching.

To fix this issue:

1. Go to "C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\x64" directory.

2. Copy the "3" folder to the location "C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\W32X86".

3. Stop/start the Automation Engine Server software.

Once the printer is added, the Print task will be available in Automation Engine.


Print task details -

More info on the Print task can be found in the Automation Engine 14 complete manual here.

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