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Automation Engine Server Service (=BGMD) by default runs with user BGSYSTEM. This user will connect to the file server and printers when they are used as Container or Printer. The local user must be present on the file servers.

If you want a domain user to access the file servers and printers, follow the procedure below.


Adding services to domain user must be done only via Server Admin wizard.

1. Suite 12/14

  1. Start the Server Admin.
  2. Open a Web browser and type the name of the server: http://servername
  3. Go to the Server Admin tab and login with a user with administrative rights, default admin.
  4. Go to Server Setup (1) tab and change the System account to Other (2).
  5. Username must be of the format “domain\user”. For e.g. Esko-Graphics\bgsystem (3).
  6. Type the domain password in the Password text box (4).

  7. Logon to Pilot and check access to Containers.

This will add the services BGMD, EG Web Server and the EG Application Server in the domain.

In Suite 12.0.x, the EG Application Server was not added in the domain and has to be done separately. This is solved since Suite 12.1.x

2. Automation Engine 14.1 till 18.1.1

The system account became a new tab and the next steps are the same, see chapter 1

To find the domain name, type the following command in the Command window:

  • set userdomain


Remark 1: Sometimes when adding the server in the domain gives the following message: "The user is not an administrator".

In such a case:

  • Check if the domain user is in the administrators group of the local PC.
  • Check if the user is in ”Log on as batch job” in Local Security Policy.
  • Check if the user is in ”Log on as service” in Local Security Policy.

Sometimes you have to add the domain user separately, even if it is in the administrators group.

Remark 2: Sometimes adding to the domain fails and bgmd is not in the domain.


  1. Go to Services.
  2. Set the logon user of the "EG Web Server" with the domain and password.
  3. Restart the "EG Web Server" service.
  4. Repeat the above steps again.
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  1. Procedure still works with suite v18 , We created a domain user dedicated to Esko system (& in this case was not the default domain\bgsystem eg customer-domain\Esko-Super) this worked successfully for the AE