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Names of Spot Colors containing special characters may not be displayed correctly in the WebCenter Viewer.

This problem is known to occur with Adobe® Illustrator® files and is caused by the way inknames are saved.


Spot Color names that should be visible in the Viewer's Channels widget are blank, renamed to Global Color or show several commas instead of a regular name.


The resolve this issue, save your file as a Normalized PDF.

If you already have the Esko Data Exchange plugin enabled in Adobe® Illustrator®, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open your file in Adobe® Illustrator®.
  2. Choose File > Export... from the main menu.
  3. Save your file as Normalized PDF (*.PDF).
  4. Now upload your Normalized PDF to WebCenter.

If you do not have the plugin yet, first go to to download it for free.

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