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How to add metadata to the IPTC core fields (XMP data) of a PDF file by using Automation Engine?


There are two ways to do this:

  1. Via the Automation Engine scriptrunner:
    1. Via Acrobat® Professional you can update metadata. This can be done manually, but also in an automatic way by using a javascript. See this link for more information:
    2. Via the Automation Engine scriptrunner, you can launch an applescript which executes that javascript. In that way, you can automate it starting from within Automation Engine.

      When you install the script runner you will see that there are some example scripts being installed next to the software. One example is the EskoAcroCallJSFunction.applescript which is printing out the document. This is an example of an applescript asking Acrobat® Professional to execute a javascript.
      The "Run script" task is part of the Automation Engine base.
  2. Via the Preflight with Pitstop ticket in Automation Engine:
      1. Via the Pitstop Profile Editor you can create an Action list, which changes the document information like adding an author, adding keywords, etc...

    You can find the action in the Pitstop Profile Editor > Add Keywords > Standard > Metadata > Change document info.

    1. After you apply the action by using the Preflight with Pitstop ticket, the metadata of the PDF will be updated:

      The Preflight with Pitstop task is part of the Processor Module.
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Automation Engine 12.x

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