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Large Task Workflows, containing more than 100-150 nodes, may crash the Workflow Applet as they demand too many resources from the system.

Apart from this side effect, such large Workflows are very hard to maintain and troubleshoot. For this reason, it is recommended to split up Workflows in understandable and reusable parts.


  • Your Workflow contains more than 150 nodes.
  • After saving a very large Workflow and opening it again later, the Workflow Applet crashes.
  • An error message containing "GetTaskTypes.jsp" is shown.


A general good practice is to split up Workflows in logical and reusable parts. Aside from preventing this issue, this will also help you maintain and troubleshoot your Workflows and reuse logical parts.

To clarify what certain child Workflows do, you can use Sticky Notes inside the Workflow canvas.

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