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In WebCenter 12.1, the Menu Builder stopped working when apostrophe (') characters were used in custom language labels.

This issue is resolved in WebCenter 14.


  • Apostrophe character (') is used in custom language label(s).
  • Menu Builder stops working, you cannot perform actions such as Save.
  • It seems as though the label is empty again, but when you download the Menu XML, you can see it's actually there.


This issue is solved in WebCenter 14 (and newer).


Avoid using apostrophe character(s) in custom language labels.

But, if you have already done so and you are now blocked from using the Menu Builder, follow these steps to correct your existing menu:

  1. Download your Menu's XML file by clicking Download Menu next to your menu on the Menus page.
  2. Open the XML file in an Editor such as Notepad++.
  3. Remove the apostrophe character(s) and save the file.
  4. On the Menus page, click Update Menu with XML File next to your menu.
  5. Select your updated XML file and click Update.
  6. Check whether this helped. If not, delete your menu entirely.
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WebCenter 12.1

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