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I want a label to step in the around direction enough times to fill up the plate regardless of the size of the label. Currently I have the operator enter in a number around that is figured out in advance.


In this example: the plate size is dynamic and the workflow is going to a digital press. I do not want the vertical stepping to be larger than 38.5 inches but I do need to have gap at top and bottom of plate for repeat. The horizontal measurement cannot be larger than 12.48 inches.

  1. Open Step and Repeat Tabular ticket.

  2. In the General tab, enter the plate size. If dynamic for a press, you can use a SmartName like below. In the Plate Size text box, enter the plate size values.
  3. In the Grids tab Vertical Step Count field, enter the plate size divided by SmartName [VSIZE1]+gapsize.

  4. In the grid settings, I have entered the following:

    These formulas will take the
    plate size divided by (file size + gap) to get the count. The sheet will then be centered on the plate size.

For more details on Step and Repeat Tabular task, see:

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