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Which CxF versions are supported by Color Engine Pilot?
Which CxF version must be selected to preserve the tint and overprint information during import and export?


CxF versionCxF1.0 (*.CxF)CxF2.0 (*.CxF)CxF3.0 (*.CxF)CxF3.0/X-4 (*.CxF)
Supported type of data

Solid data

Solid data

Solid data

Solid, tint & overprint data

Color Engine Pilot 10.x(error)(error)(tick)(tick)(error)(error)(error)(error)
Color Engine Pilot 12.0(error)(error)(tick)(tick)(error)(error)(error)(error)
Color Engine Pilot 12.1(error)(error)(error)(error)(tick)(error)

(tint & overprint data discarded!)

Color Engine Pilot 14.0(error)(error)(error)(error)(tick)(error)(tick)
(tint & overprint data discarded!)
Color Engine Pilot 14.1(error)(error)(error)(error)(tick)(tick)(tick)
(tint & overprint data discarded!)
Color Pilot 16.1.1(error)(error)(error)(error)(tick)(tick)(tick)
(tint & overprint data discarded!)


Color Pilot 18.0(error)(error)(error)(error)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)

How to know which CxF version you have?

Method 1 - Download CxFView.exe and open the CxF file.

 Click here for the details...

When importing the CxF file in CxFView, it will say:

  • "NOTE: this file is a CXF2 Format!"
  • "NOTE: this file is a CXF3 Format!"
  • Description=CxF/X-4
    Note: This file contains the following Custom Resources:
    "NOTE: this file is a CXF3 format!

Method 2 - Open the file in a text editor

 Click here for the details...

Open in any editor:
Check the second line for

Version 2

Version 3

Version 3/X-4

More information can be found via this link:

Article information
Applies to

Color Engine Pilot 14.1 and older

Color Pilot 16.1.1 and older

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