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The information below describes briefly the daily and weekly maintenance that must be carried out by the customer.


More information about maintenance is available in the User Manual and the Maintenance Manual installed on your PC or find on the Xx-Guide installation CD.

Daily Maintenance (Cleaning)

  • Table surface must be kept clean at all times.
  • Table room around machine, including exposed cables.
  • Check Ruwac vacuum waste pan if applicable.
  • Check chiller fluid level if applicable.

Weekly Maintenance

  • Guideways for x and y axis and y support guideway.
  • Lightly grease guideways and bearings with superlube.
  • Clean Z axis shafts and grease nibbles if available with grease gun or soft  brush.                                        
  • Check air pressure reduction valve for dirt or water buildup.
  • For water in valve, remove air pressure and allow pressure to fall.
  •  Water will drain when air is turned back on.

External Equipment

PC, vacuum pump and air compressor should be maintained according to the "User Manual for the actual equipment".

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