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The Artwork panel and Bleed tools use the 3D information to automatically determine which flaps are on top, so, you don't have to select each panel individually. But for this to work the design needs to be folded correctly.

This article shows how to fold up two example designs with the correct attributes and the correct flaps on top.



  1. Change the creases and perfs that don't fold to be Indent only.
  2. Convert to 3D.
  3. Use the Flap priority tool to fix the coincident flaps on the top.
  4. Use the Flap priority tool on the bottom and glue flap also.
  5. Rotate the view so that the front panel is facing you.
  6. Click the Update 2D button. The view and fold angle information will be updated in the ARD.
  7. Switch back to the ARD using the Artwork Panels tool.
  8. Now it knows which panels are visible and which is the front panel.

Click this link to watch the video: How to fold a design for the Artwork panel or Bleed tool.

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ArtiosCAD 12.0

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