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Which network ports should be open to connect Automation Engine Pilot on a workstation to an Automation Engine Server?


To the Automation Engine Server:


  • 8000-9000 for BGMD and the Automation Engine Servers
  • 5182 for Shuttle Server, unless configured otherwise
  • 4401 for the Automation Engine JDF Server (service port)
  • 1433 for the SQL Server (default installation)
  • 27100 and a dynamic port for Station Information Service
  • 1098 RMI port for the EG Application Server
  • 1099 JNDI Naming Service for the EG Application Server
  • 4444 RMI Object for the EG Application Server
  • 4445 Transaction Manager for the EG Application Server
  • 27000 for the License Manager service


  • 80 + 9999 for Tomcat/ServerAdmin (egwebsrv.exe)
  • 8080 Application Server/Viewer till Automation Engine 18.1.1
  • 8083 Application Server/Viewer  till Automation Engine 18.1.1
  • 18560 Viewer since Automation Engine 20.
  • 4411 for the Automation Engine JDF Server  (JMF)
  • 4412 for the Automation Engine Frip2JDF Server : process incoming feedback (JMF) from DFS
  • 4415 for the Automation Engine ElemServer 

Connection with clients:

  • The server sometimes relies on ephemeral ports, e.g. for uploading files in Pilot. These ports are generally picked randomly between 49152 and 65535.
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Automation Engine 12/14/16/18/20

Last revised 2-Feb-21
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