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It is possible to create a press profile in Color Engine Pilot that uses custom inks.  However, there are some limitations with which inks can be used together in a profile.


  1. In the Color Engine Pilot go to Esko Profiles: Press, right-click and select New.
  2. On the Inks tab, select User Defined from the Inks drop-down menu.
  3. CMYK will automatically populate, and there will be a white box under black. Open an ink book and drag the desired ink into the white box. It is possible to add up to three custom inks, with the following limitation:


    Esko's overprint model supports only one ink between each of the process colors - so one ink that falls between C-M, C-Y, and M-Y.  Generally speaking, the C-M color space contains blues and purples, C-Y contains greens, and M-Y contains oranges and reds. So it is possible to use red and green in the same profile, but not possible to use red and orange. If an ink overlaps in a color space already occupied by a custom ink, there will be the message "There are no overprint charts for this number of inks. You won't be able to measure".  It is possible to build a custom ink set with CMYK and up to three additional inks.

  4.  Go to the Overprints tab and click File Info...
  5. Notate the charts needed, click Go to Folder... and then copy the charts needed.
  6. The charts will have a standard multi-color ink set applied. Manually edit the charts by replacing the extended gamut inks with the custom inks from the profile.
  7. Save the profile.
  8. Print the charts on press.
  9. Open the profile and read the charts with a spectrophotometer.
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